Rescue in Alaska: Hiker seen on grizzly camera rescued

Rescue in Alaska: Hiker seen on grizzly camera rescued

A live video feed operated in a U.S. national park sparked a rescue mission when a distressed, lone hiker who had been stranded called for help, hoping someone was watching at that moment.

The plea was issued in Katmai National Park on Sept. 5.

The live feed, set up by, captured the moment the hiker walked within camera view, soaking wet from visible rain, and with a confused expression on his face. The hiker can be seen speaking directly into the camera in hopes of someone answering his call for help.

“He said, ‘Help, I don’t know which direction to go,'”’s director of new media, Candice Rusch, told CTV National News.

“My first reaction was to not panic and confirm something was indeed happening.”

A viewer and bear enthusiast who was tuned in at the time, Chelsea Pruitt, says she was keeping a close eye on the camera for bears but found something else instead.

Once the hiker’s plea was heard, a rescue team was able to find his location and come to the hiker’s aid in two hours, according to Pruitt.

Katmai National Park officials said an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Rusch said she’s grateful the live feed cameras were in the right place at the right time.

With files from CTV National News correspondent Scott Hurst