Ukrainian accused of taking draft-dodger bribes to buy luxury villa, cars

Ukrainian accused of taking draft-dodger bribes to buy luxury villa, cars

An estate agent described the villa as “ideal for those who are looking for the highest level of comfort, security and privacy”.

The Task Force UA investigation, which was handed to The Telegraph, claims that the property was bought under the name of Borysov’s mother, Nadiia.

Borysov’s luxury villa in the prestigious gated Sierra Blanca community in Marbella.Credit: Ukrainska Pravda

At the time of its purchase in the spring, the property was valued at 154 million Ukrainian Hryvnia ($6.4 million).

Investigators found that Nadiia Borysova’s earnings over the past 20 years amounted to just more than 4 million Hryvnia ($167,000).

She also purchased a Mercedes-Benz EQV electric minivan worth about $125,000 in Spain.

Borysov’s property portfolio also included an office on Marbella’s prestigious Golden Mile purchased for some $1.2 million under his wife’s name.

The official’s mother-in-law also reportedly purchased three luxury cars, including a Mercedes G wagon worth almost $389,000.

The vehicle was imported to Ukraine as humanitarian aid and registered under Borysov’s wife’s name, before it was transported to Spain last December.

Neither Borysov’s mother nor mother-in-law held a driver’s licence, according to investigators.

In the first half of last December, Borysov was discharged from a military hospital but did not return to service. At the time, he was responsible for mobilisation in Odesa.

Later that month, he left Ukraine for almost a month, visiting Moldova, Turkey, the Seychelles and Spain.

Under martial law, which has been in place since February 2022, men of fighting age between 18 and 60 are barred from leaving the country without a valid reason.

President Zelensky has vowed to crack down on rogue officials taking bribes and smuggling people out of the country.

He said bribery at a time of war is “high treason”, after it was announced that 30 people face criminal charges as part of a wide-scale anti-corruption probe.

The Ukrainian leader decried what he called “systematic corruption” in medical exemptions being given to people avoiding military service in a national address this week.


“There are examples of regions where the number of exemptions from military service due to medical commission decisions has increased tenfold since February last year,” Zelensky said.

“It is absolutely clear what sort of decisions these are. Corrupt decisions.”

The Telegraph, London